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SALSA is a program for sequence database searches based on sequence similarities. The scores calculated by SALSA are based on alignments with gaps, and are generally equal to or very near the scores that would result from an optimal local alignment procedure, as computed by the Smith-Waterman aligorithm (1). SALSA is currently about as fast as FASTA (ktup=2) (28). Further details about SALSA can be found in our paper (26).

This is an experimental service, free for academic use. Please be patient, some searches my take a long time to complete. At present, all results are returned on the web, however, e-mailing of results is planned.

The software has been developed by Torbjørn Rognes at the Department of Molecular Biology (Head: Prof. Erling Seeberg), Institute of Medical Microbiology, The National Hospital, University of Oslo, Norway.

Send your bug reports, suggestions, comments, etc to

The sequence data that is available for searching using this service may be incomplete and may contain errors. Please read the disclaimers from TIGR and Genome Therapeutics Corporation.

Thanks to all the genome project organisations for making their sequence data public and early available.

This project is supported by the Research Council of Norway.


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