Welcome to the Tomas Lindahl Conference on DNA repair

The Tomas Lindahl Conference on DNA repair is organized in Oslo, Norway on 17–21 June 2015.

The venue is Rica Holmenkollen Park Hotel, located on the surrounding hills of Oslo with a fabulous view of the city and the Oslo Fjord.

Registration deadline: 1st May 2015


Conference news

17 Apr 2015: Minor changes to the programme.

11 Mar 2015: Early bird registration extended to 1 April 2015

16 Feb 2015: Minor changes to the programme.

30 Jan 2015: Registration is open.

10 Dec 2014: Practical information with prices of accommodation has been updated.

3 Dec 2014: The conference programme is now available.


Scientific subject

Tomas Lindahl made many landmark discoveries in DNA repair. The scientific focus will be on the basics of DNA repair. Most mutagenic and carcinogenic agents induce covalent changes in the structure of the DNA and living organisms have evolved a large number of gene functions specifically designed to repair or tolerate such alterations without loss of viability or development of disease. The importance of DNA repair for normal life existence has been verified by discoveries of coupling between transcription and repair, by association between DNA repair and cell- cycle checkpoints, and by identification of nucleotide excision and mismatch repair genes being essential for prevention of cancer and neurological disease in man. From the novel discoveries on DNA repair more than 5 decades ago, DNA repair today comprise diverse and evolving aspects of a broad scientific area of major significance to the scientific community.

Lindahl T. (2013) My Journey to DNA Repair. Genomics, Proteomics & Bioinformatics. 11(1):2-7. doi: 10.1016/j.gpb.2012.12.001


Confirmed speakers

Alan E. Tomkinson Graham Walker Ketan J Patel  Richard Wood 
Alan Lehmann Grigory Dianov Lawrence A. Loeb Robert Fuchs
Arthur Grollman Hans Krokan Marco Foiani Roger Woodgate
Chuan He Hilde Nilsen Margherita Bignami Stephen West
Cristina Rada Ian D. Hickson Matthias Meyer Steve Jackson
David Hornby Jan H. J.  Hoeijmakers Miroslav Radman Thomas Helleday
Eric Gilson Jean Marc Egly MosheYaniv  Tomas Lindahl
Eugenia Dogliotti Jesper Svejstrup Mutsuo Sekiguchi Xinzhi (Xavier) Xu
Fabrizio d'Adda di Fagagna Jiri Bartek Peter Karran  Yungui Yang
Francesco Blasi Josef Jiricny Philip Hanawalt Zhao-Qi Wang
Geir Slupphaug Keith Caldecott Primo Schar


Organizing committee

Arne Klungland, Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo, Norway
Magnar Bjørås, Oslo University Hospital and University of Oslo, Norway
Yungui Yang, Beijing Institute of genomics, Beijing, China

Conference secretary

Helene Wold Ranum, email helene.wold.ranum AT rr-research.no

Web master

Torbjørn Rognes